When you think of incredible sights and experiences in America, Indiana probably isn’t the first state to come to mind. The Crossroads of America is a lot more than meets the eye, though. From the stunning beauty of the Great Lakes to the region’s quiet yet influential history, Indiana is a complex state that provides an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits. What will you discover as you traverse the Hoosier State? Whenever you hit the road, keep in mind these best places in Indiana to stop at.

Indiana Dunes National Park

Indiana’s only national park delivers sprawling wetlands, full and fascinating forests, and awe-inspiring views of Lake Michigan’s southern shores. You can’t forget the massive sand dunes, either. If you have the time, stay at the park’s campsites or one of the cute and friendly nearby towns and spend a few days exploring the expansive natural landscapes. With over 50 miles of hiking trails, Indiana Dunes is also a great place to stop and stretch your legs for part of an afternoon. The area gets a lot of traffic from bird watchers during the spring and autumn migrations, too.


As the home to Indiana University, Bloomington represents all the great features of college towns: a rich art scene, diverse cultural hubs, and a thriving community of people and businesses. If you crave a bustling and energetic urban landscape, Bloomington is undoubtedly one of the best places in Indiana to stop at. From art galleries to music and theater performances, you won’t have to look far for a venue that piques your interest. Your night on the town might also take you to the endless cafés, bars, and restaurants that fill Courthouse Square.

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

From the age of seven until he was twenty-one, Abraham Lincoln lived on a small farm just south of Vincennes, Indiana. Today, the state preserves this site in the form of the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial. Visitors get to explore the adolescent years of America’s 16th president through exhibits, artifacts, and a short film about Lincoln’s life in Indiana. The area also includes a functioning pioneer farm that boasts the remains of the Lincoln cabin, a replica farmhouse, and costumed park rangers who work the farm.

When you combine these incredible sights with the state’s central location, it’s no wonder why Indiana plays a principal role in America’s trucking and transportation industry. Are you looking for the chance to work and travel throughout this and other extraordinary states? Partner with Star Fleet Trucking for RV transport jobs in Indiana and other great opportunities as an independent contract driver.