What’s your rest stop routine? After spending hours in the driver’s seat, it’s essential to give your body a break. A short stretching routine is a perfect way to ease the tension in your muscles and joints, boost your circulation, and keep you energized and alert when you return to the road. If you make a habit of taking care of yourself at rest stops, you’ll feel better throughout every trip. Set aside a few minutes every time you stop to complete these rest stop stretches to help you stay healthy.

Neck and Shoulder Stretches

When you spend hours focusing on the road, your neck and shoulders can grow tight. Be gentle when stretching out these areas. A few careful stretches can help. Perform shoulder rolls by keeping your arms at your sides and then lifting your shoulders up, back, and down again. You can also gently stretch your neck using head rolls. Tilt your head forward so that you’re looking down, then move your head from side to side in the front. Don’t extend your neck backward during this stretch. You can also stretch your neck by tilting your head to the side so that your ear moves closer to your shoulder. Don’t strain your neck during this motion. Instead, hold a comfortable stretch for a few seconds, then gently raise your head again and repeat the movement on the other side.

Leg Stretches

Stretching out your legs and hips can help you avoid painful cramps while on the road. Stretch your hamstrings by performing toe touches. Next, stretch your quads by lifting one leg back and gently pulling your foot toward your backside. Hold this for several seconds, then release and repeat the stretch with the other leg. Lunges are also one of the best rest stop stretches to help you stay healthy. You can perform both walking and standing lunges. During lunges, make sure you keep your lower back straight. Your back knee should be parallel to the ground, while your front knee shouldn’t extend past your toes.

Back Stretches

A few simple back stretches can help straighten your spine and make your drive more comfortable. Place your hands on your lower back and slowly lean back, arching your lower back in a mild stretch. After this pose, stretch your arms above your head, hold your hands together, and lean as far as you can to one side while keeping your hips and legs straight. Repeat this motion on each side. It also helps to learn a few beginner yoga poses, such as downward-facing dog. You can even keep a yoga mat in your truck for more comfortable stretches everywhere you go.

Taking care of your body is a crucial part of completing a job successfully. Make these stretches a routine part of any camper transport job you complete. You’ll be thankful when you arrive at your destination with less pain and more energy to get you through the day.