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Our Story.

We Are Here To Stay.

In an industry that is always changing, see how we have been deciding our own future over 20 years.

January 1992

1992: Star Fleet Opens For Business

In 1992, Star Fleet opened for business as a regional transportation company for the RV industry. Starting with a small, but experienced, independent contractor base and emphasizing customer satisfaction.

January 1995

1995: New Focus, New Growth

In 1995, under the ownership of Champion Home Builders, the business focused solely on housing transportation and opened up terminals in the eastern, southern, and western parts of the United States. Starting with just 12 trucks, they expanded to more than 450 trucks and 22 terminals throughout the United States.

January 2000

2000: Star Fleet Expands

With the sharp decline in the sales of manufactured housing in 1999-2000, Champion allowed Star Fleet to re-enter the RV market. Over the next 8 years Star Fleet grew from nothing to over 750 contractors and we were the #1 RV delivery provider to the two largest RV manufacturers of that era.

January 2017

2017: Committed to Timely, Dependable, & Safe Service

In 2017, Star Fleet’s commitment is to offer its customers a high level of timely, dependable, and safe service in an environment in which its independent contractor can be successful.

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