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In 1992 Star Fleet opened for business as a regional transportation company for the RV industry. Starting with a small but experienced independent contractor base and emphasizing customer satisfaction, Star Fleet prospered. Three years later Star Fleet was acquired by Michigan based Champion Home Builders, the nation’s leading housing manufacturer.

Under Champion, the business focused solely on housing transportation and opened up terminals in the East, South and West. As the new millennium began Star Fleet continued to look for other opportunities to grow and a tow-away division and RV division were reopened. Currently, Star Fleet operates dispatch terminals throughout the United States.

Star Fleet's commitment has always been to offer its customers a high level of timely, dependable, and safe service in an environment in which its independent contractor can be successful. Star Fleet's philosophy has been to employ knowledgeable and experienced terminal staff and give these managers and their staff the responsibility to react to each customer and independent contractor's needs in a prompt and professional manner.

In an industry that is always changing, Star Fleet Trucking will continue to be a leader by offering the best possible service at a competitive cost.