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Star Fleet has designed an independent contractor program that creates a straight forward approach to doing business and one that should assist an independent contractor in becoming a successful owner operator.
Per Trip Compensation - This includes base mileage pay plus fuel surcharge if one is in effect at the time. Payable miles are calculated using PC miler for consistency.

Quick Lease On - Usually approved in two days with proper paperwork. Once approved, Independent Contractor is available for dispatch.

No Probationary Period - Equivalent pay and trip assignments for all independent contractors.

One Point of Contact - Independent Contractors communicate directly with dispatcher.

Flexible Dispatch - Dispatchers work with Independent Contractors to accommodate personal requests but as a normal rule you will be expected to take dispatched trips as they are assigned.

Quick Driver Pay - Trip advances and settlements are loaded on your electronic card twice daily. Settlements are processed immediately upon completion and arrival of paperwork.

Minimal Upfront Expense - A charge will be deducted from the first trip that covers the cost of application processing, drug testing, MVR reports and DOT signs ($60 for RV, $250 for Rail, Tow Away and Mobile home plus $60 for drug test).

Limited Insurance Cost - Star Fleet provides liability and cargo insurance at no charge to the independent contractors.

Low Escrow Fee – Star Fleet requires a $500 escrow fee. This deposit can be paid by deduction from settlement pays over your first 10 trips. Any balance of the escrow account will be returned 45 days after termination. There is no transporter plate deposit. There is a $50.00 replacement charge for lost plates.

Free Electronic Money Card - This card is provided free of charge and is used for pay settlements, fuel purchases and cash advances. Deposits into your personal bank account can be set up.

Upfront Advances - 50% of trip pay can be advanced prior to each trip.

Safety Awards - Star Fleet Trucking is pleased to recognize independent contractors that have met the requirements for having a safe driving record. Awards increase in value for each consecutive year of safe driving.

Company Strength - Star Fleet is a subsidiary of Champion Home Builders with annual sales of over one billion and over fifty years of experience.