Have you ever heard the phrase, “Tin can Tourist”?  Early in the twentieth century people in the US still felt that pioneer spirit.  People packed their cars with tents and as much canned food as they could, along with extra gas to explore this country and seeking adventure.  The tin cup tourists were not traveling due to a lack of work.  Many of these people were Doctors, lawyers, and other professionals some even retired.  So, with road conditions greatly improving and the advancement of Automobiles the tourists hit the road. However, even though the roads were improving there was a lack of lodging and other amenities thus the reason for the tents. If the tourists saw something that intrigued them along the road, they could just pull on over and stay for a while, increasing that sense of adventure.   Camp sites began popping up along the Dixie highway around the State of Florida for these travelers to gather in groups and socialize.  These campsites cost nothing and there was even entertainment.  After the end of World War 1 the number of these tourists increased along with people driving homemade mobile trailers with cases of canned food and bedding piled high. The first group was organized at De Soto Park in Tampa FL with the objective being “to unite fraternally all auto campers”. This was the beginning of RVing.  The Tin Can Tourists are still around today with members and chapters around the world.  The means of travel are a bit more luxurious then a dirt road and a tent.  Just think, we are delivering someone’s adventure.