As the seasons change, so do the best practices for professional truck drivers. If you’re going to stay safe and responsible on the road, you need to stay on top of weather, roadwork, and other conditions that can affect your route. While spring brings a welcome reprieve from winter’s snow and ice, there are a few things truck drivers must keep in mind when they hit the road. As you perform work such as drive away jobs in Indiana, make the most of the season with these spring driving tips for contract truck drivers.

Stay Wary of the Weather

Spring can be temperamental. You might face dark skies, harsh winds, and pouring rain in the morning, only to find yourself driving through a pleasantly sunny day in the afternoon. Pay attention to the forecast as you travel along your route. Fast-changing temperatures, heavy thunderstorms, and even tornadoes can make driving in the spring treacherous. Take extra care when there is standing water on the roads. Slow down and avoid puddles to reduce your risk of hydroplaning.

Beware Winter Road Damage

Winter takes its toll on the roads. Salting, freezing, and thawing can create massive cracks and potholes in the pavement. It can be weeks or even months before local construction companies address the issue. Meanwhile, driving over large potholes can damage your truck. Do your best to avoid the rougher parts of the road. Furthermore, keep an eye out for when roadwork starts in the spring. Always drive safely and responsibly through construction zones.

Watch Out for New Wildlife

Winter gives drivers a slight reprieve from running into deer, squirrels, and other critters crossing the road. However, when spring comes along, most animals grow active once more. One of the essential spring driving tips for contract truck drivers is to keep a watchful eye out for wildlife along the roads. This is particularly important when driving through rural or heavily forested areas.

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Spring is a gorgeous time of year. The fact that you spend most of your day in the driver’s seat shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the longer days, warmer weather, and blossoming natural beauty. Take time each day to appreciate the world that’s coming back to life around you. Take a quick walk at rest stops, roll down your window on slower roads, and keep an eye out for the colorful flowers or young wildlife you might encounter along the way.